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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

Many people and even business owners are still left baffled and confused about the differences between metal fabrication and manufacturing. They have the same goal – and that is to produce a product that their client needs.

But how does the entire process of metal fabrication work? Are you well-equipped with the right processes and procedures on how the procedure might be? Let’s jump straight right at it and we Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are more than willing and dedicated to sharing with you our thoughts and our opinions about why metal fabrication can be effective for your business.

Plus, we will also give you some insights into how our processes are and how we came to be the state’s number one fabrication company.

Understanding Manufacturing and Fabrication

Manufacturing is the process of creating something from raw materials and are usually high in volume and in number.

For instance, the production of steel for construction is known as manufacturing because it is to be produced from raw materials and products (steel and metal).

Fabrication, on the other hand, is known to be the process of making or constructing a product or a group of products from the manufacturing process. In the same example, fabrication would be the process of using this steel, as well as other groups of steel to create a more functioning type of steel or metal.

Their Goals

One thing that can separate the two is with their goals – the goal of manufacturing is to create materials or parts that can be utilized and assembled to be easily fabricated together. The goal of fabrication, on the other hand, is to produce and make components from the manufactured steel that can be built and combined with one another.

To end the confusion, manufacturing is a thorough and wide process – fabrication, on the other hand, can be a part of manufacturing but has its own entire process as well. You can work with us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts if you need both, but you will be amazed at how our metal fabrication processes go.

Our Metal Fabrication is the Best

Companies from all over the state consider our metal fabrication process to be the best and the most effective – Why? – Because they never have to tell us whatever we need to do. When it comes to our metal fabrication procedures, we know and we are well aware of how we can appropriately work on it in a fast and in a timely manner without compromising the quality and the overall aesthetics of the parts or the components.

The processes and the procedures that we are able to work on range from the simple processes of cutting, welding, and bending, up until the finishing and the assembly of the product or the final equipment.

What Can We Help You With?

So for our metal fabrication processes, how can you expect our support and assistance? In what ways can we help you? Metal fabrication might not be something you “think” you do not need but in actuality, you might be benefiting from it.

Steel and metal cutting is typically one of the earliest and the most basic of all fabrication processes. Before anything is made, manufacturers and fabricators would have to cut the metal and the steel in order for it to be the same size as the product or the output intended.

When the size is already formed and finalized, the fabricators and the manufacturers, and if the component or the part needs other forms of steel and metal, then a weld must be done. We at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts can help you with many different types of welding such as MIG welding, TIG welding, spot welding, and even aerospace welding.

Yes, our company can provide a wide range of welding procedures that can result in the production as well as the creation of automotive cars as well as aerospace vehicles, parts, and components.

Other than just cutting, we can also help you in terms of bending, forming, and shaping of metal and steel using our press brake machines and equipment. No matter how thick or how sharp a certain product or component is, you can trust and count on our team of experts and professionals and our equipment.

Finishing is among the most important as well as the most aesthetically-inclined procedures in metal fabrication. Without it, all types of metallic components and products will look the same and they will not have certain properties that some parts and components get such as a high resistance for corrosion and rust if it’s sandblasted or powder coated, and the like.

We use heavy-duty machinery and equipment with a touch of modernity and advancement. Our investments for all our applications and procedures have made us the best and the most trusted manufacturer and fabricator in the state.

Across the entire state of Illinois, Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is the company that most businesses lean on when they need help and assistance when it comes to metal fabrication and the creation and manufacturing of metallic parts and components.

You Deserve the Best

We always make sure that our clients feel prioritized – from the way we optimize the ladder of priority as well as the quality of the products and the components that we produce. Our production is best known for the better and the higher quality regardless of the industry you’re in.

You can count on us because we have industry-specific professionals and experts that are well-versed when it comes to the creation of even the most comprehensive and the most in-depth industry equipment and components.

When you experience working with us, you will never have a bad or a negative moment for we always leave our clients out with the best and the highest quality of services they can ever receive from a manufacturer or a fabrication company.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with the quote you need!

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