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TIG Welding

TIG welding-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

Whenever we speak about welding, we only imagine it to be one process – the act of melting two pieces and components of metal together to form them as one equipment or component. Welding is the act of singling out multiple parts and components, melting some of its pieces for them to soften, then they’ll be left to harden when they’re intertwined.

However, just like many other processes and other procedures in metal fabrication, there also are different types of welding; and today, we’ll focus on TIG welding. What is it and why it’s relevant would also be the things we’ll talk about.

Should you be in need of a company that provides the best quality of TIG welding, you can count on us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. We are Illinois’s number one choice and option when it came to welding – and metal fabrication and manufacturing in general.

TIG Welding Overview

TIG welding, short for tungsten inert gas welding, is a type of arc welding that involves the use of non-consumable tungsten. As opposed to MIG welding or metal inert gas welding that utilizes a wire for the electrode, TIG welding uses tungsten as its electrode that does not deteriorate as easily as how regular wires do.

Because tungsten has a high melting point, it takes longer to deteriorate and to be consumed. Yes, though it’s dubbed as a non-consumable electrode, it does not mean that it lasts forever.

Why TIG Welding?

So among all the other types and methods of welding, why is TIG the welding procedure for you? It has many similarities with the MIG welding but of course, there are some distinct factors and characteristics as well.

MIG welding or metal inert gas welding is expensive as it would need a spool or a welding machine in the process, whereas with TIG welding, it’s going to come with a gun or a torch. When you work with us, you’ll be given the guarantee that the overall quality of the TIG welding procedure we do is of high quality.

Unlike MIG welding, TIG welding does not automatically leave fillers on the workpiece. Should fillers be required, it can be added by hand and by the welders. With no fillers produced, the weld is cleaner and is easier to be managed.

If you need to weld in a flat position, you can do so with TIG welding. In addition to that, you can also perform a vertical weld for products and outputs that require you to do so – and even an overhead weld for welding products and components that are typically higher than the average height.

With us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we can help you with the TIG welding that you need. You can use TIG welding if you’re going to weld any type of material so long that it’s actually material that can be welded using the tungsten electrode.

Unlike the more traditional and conventional ways of welding, you can expect to see less and even no sparks and splatters while you’re welding. This eliminates the confusion and the blockage of your view from what you’re welding, heightening the accuracy and the precision of the weld.

In addition to that, no slag is to be produced which can be dangerous and risky for the quality of your weld. Last but definitely not the least is that TIG welding does not produce any type of smoke especially if the workpiece would contain little-to-no smoke-creating chemicals such as zinc, paint, lead, and oil – so it’s safer and cleaner to use.

How Does TIG Welding Work?

Unlike MIG welding and other types of “consumable” welding processes, TIG welding does not leave filler metal when it’s the process done. In addition to that, the power does not come from a spool or welding machine. Instead, with TIG welding, you’ll be able to adjust the amount of power via a thumbwheel or a foot pedal.

TIG welding requires intermediate to the expert skill level that is why we here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are considered and known as the best in the entire state and industry. Our welders are all experienced in the process, with most having more than a decade of experience, they’ll really help you in producing the components and the parts you need.

Achieve the Best Quality of Results With Us!

Why choose us than choosing other companies that have so much focus on welding itself? Why choose us, a fabrication, and a manufacturing company to work on all your needed welds? Our company is considered as the best and the most dependable manufacturer and metal fabricator in the state.

We always provided our clients with industry-specific and high-quality results no matter how complex a given project is. For instance, if an aerospace company comes to us asking to create some aircraft cabins and to inspect some engine parts, we’ll be happy to help them with that.

Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is not just your regular manufacturing and metal fabrication company – we are, overall; the best all-around company you will ever come to work with. We have helped a ton of different companies and businesses with their need to produce high-quality metallic products from welding.

We’ve assisted and supported retail companies, manufacturers, automotive companies, aerospace companies, and even medical and medical building companies to get them the best and the highest quality of the products and outputs they need.

Give us a quick shout here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts and inquire about what you need to be done. Do you need help only in the area of TIG welding or any other types of fusing and combining? Or do you need the utmost care and assistance in the entire metal fabrication process?

You can count on us to help you with everything you need – we’re the fabrication company and the manufacturer that you can count on from start to finish.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

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