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Low Volume Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

When a company needs help by having low volume manufacturing, that does not necessarily mean that their sales game is weak. Low volume manufacturing is a type and a kind of manufacturing in which the products are meant to be lower in number and in volume but might have a high and diverse mix of products.

Low volume manufacturing is considered as one of the lean manufacturing methodologies and if you are in need of a company that can help you with it, you can count on us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts.

Our company has been deemed as the best, the most dependable, and the most reliable in the industry of manufacturing and never did we fail to provide and to produce what our clients needed. But in determining whether or not low volume manufacturing is for you, you first need to understand the basics of it.

Lean Manufacturing

When we talk about saving and maximizing the resources in the industry of manufacturing, lean manufacturing is the perfect term for it. Lean manufacturing is better known as the methodology that has focused on minimizing the waste of a manufacturing system.

This business method and model was derived from the business model that the Toyota company; this was what they called the Toyota Production System or the TPS and its aim was to:

  • Eliminate waste from the production
  • Achieve the best possible efficiency

Aside from the term “lean manufacturing,” it was also dubbed and known as the “just-in-time” system and it is a practice that many businesses and companies were able to pick up to maximize and improve their company’s efficiency.

Understanding Low Volume Manufacturing

Even if it’s named and termed as low volume manufacturing doesn’t mean that it only produces very little amounts or outputs and products. As a matter of fact, low volume manufacturing involves anywhere between the production of 50 to 100,000 parts.

Low volume manufacturing is also known to serve as the connector of full volume production and prototyping, bridging the gap in the differences between the two.

Benefits of LV Manufacturing

Many people might think of it as an obvious thing that low volume (LV) manufacturing is something that can be efficient that can save their business some money. However, that’s not always the case. There are some companies that engage in low volume manufacturing that do not even reach half of their quotas in sales and that’s because of the selected variety of the outputs and the products they offer.

Although those kinds of cases are rare, it’s still happening. But what advantages and benefits can low volume manufacturing give you and your company?

Working with a professional manufacturing company like us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts can guarantee you exact amounts – or close to the exact amounts of products and outputs. You will rarely experience problems in an overproduction that will lead to the insufficiency of funds and resources.

With exact amounts, everything else follows – more savings for your company, more time to handle and to think about other things regarding your business, and the like.

Are you looking to make a lot of sales while avoiding the trap of making over-investments? You can do so with low volume manufacturing. By knowing what specific products and outputs are wanted and needed by your market and your consumers, you’re able to come close only to what you need to produce.

This allows you to save more money than you initially intended to use for the production and for the operations of your business or your company.

By producing only low volumes of the product lines you need, low volume manufacturers would only need to use specific sets of tools and equipment – this takes care of the material by not requiring them to be maintained at all times compared to when they’re utilized and used for mass production.

Though low volume manufacturing would still need to utilize many different types of tools and equipment, it’s going to be less than the usual and the recommended.

Low volume manufacturing’s main benefit is the fact that it can help companies and businesses come up with more flexible designs that can be adjusted, modified, and changed easier and more efficiently.

When you work with Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts and you think you need a change-up in the design or the engineering of your product, don’t worry, our team of fabrication engineers, experts, and professionals will be more than happy to help and to assist you with everything you need.

Is Low Volume Manufacturing For You?

How do you know if low volume manufacturing is the type of manufacturing for you? Before you determine it, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions including:

  • What types of products and outputs do you need?
  • How many of the same kinds of products would you want and need?
  • What is the variety of production?

Low volume manufacturing is the best manufacturing procedure for you if you are a company or a business and you need a wide selection of products of the same kind but with different variations. For example, if you need to produce metal fittings and piping for a construction project – but you are a developer and you need many different variations of piping and fittings for various of your projects.

Working with a low volume manufacturing company would be the best option for you because you’re not going to have a large surplus of the things you don’t need, you’ll get the exact amounts and you’ll get them on time and without hassle!

Why Work With Us?

If you want to experience world-class quality services, you can count on us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts and we will help you dearly with whatever metal fabrication process or product you need.

You can count on us and our extensive low volume manufacturing procedures!

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