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Aerospace Welding

Aerospace welding-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

Producing parts and components for aircraft goes beyond the usual expectations of just being professional and just being experts. On the contrary, aerospace welding involves a complete specialty and specification of the knowledge when it comes to aircraft.

That being said, we here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are the company that you can fully bank on in the creation and the production of parts and components that are intended to be used in an aerospace application, hence, aerospace welding.

But in a much deeper sense, we’ll be discussing what aerospace welding is, why we’re the best at it, and how we can help you in terms of the creation of sturdy, long-lasting, and efficient aerospace parts and components.

What is Aerospace Welding?

Contrary to popular belief, aerospace welding is not a type of welding that can be grouped with MIG welding, TIG welding, and the like. Instead, aerospace welding is a term that is the type of welding used in the creation of parts, materials, components, and equipment that would be used in aerospace applications.

Aerospace welding involves the creation of certain parts like the welding of the cabins, the integration of the exhaust systems, backup systems, and the like, and many more. Basically, aerospace welding is the process of welding that is used solely to produce and to make aircraft and aerospace parts.

These can either be for the use of public or private entities and should be for the betterment of the entire aircraft and aerospace situation.

Why You Should Work With Us?

Besides the fact that there are not a lot of specialized aerospace welders in the state, and even in the entire industry, we here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are considered as the best and the most trusted even by world-renowned companies involved in the business of aerospace.

We are certified by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program or NADCAP, and we’re trusted by many businesses and companies.

Moreover, we are adept and experienced in several welding techniques and procedures including:

  • Automated Seam Welding – or the utilization of automated welding equipment to perform either TIG or MIG welds at faster rates;
  • MIG Welding – the welding method that forms an electric arc which spews filler metal. This method is great for many types of welds that need to be durable;
  • TIG Welding – or tungsten inert gas welding, the welding process that utilizes non-consumable tungsten, perfect for a wide range of welding positions; and
  • Soldering – or the process of melting solder to join small workpieces. This process is mostly used in electronics and other applications.

When it comes to aircraft and aerospace, it is imperative that the quality of the work or the weld is supreme. Why? – Because this is what’s holding the credibility of your clients. One single mistake in the welding procedure can cause an error and big problems for your client and for their business.

Our company values safety and quality more than the profits and the revenues we earn. That’s primarily the reason why we have been deemed and considered by many businesses and even manufacturers to be the best not just in terms of welding but in the entire and the overall metal fabrication process too.

Need us to weld industry-specific aerospace equipment and parts? We got you! Currently under our employ are the best and the most trusted welders and engineers in the market! Expect the best and the highest quality of welding you can get anywhere in the market!

You would not be afraid of working and receiving the final product or output with us because from our end, we perform inspections and checks, too. Each and every phase where the parts and the components come out from, we perform checking and inspections – and that is to make sure that everything is welded and formed perfectly.

The last thing we want to happen to our clients is for them to experience accidents because of improperly welded components and materials.

We Work With Many Components and Materials

Most aerospace welding companies and metal fabrication companies would give a list of the kinds and types of materials that they weld. For instance, they’ll have a list of the things they can work on such as aluminum steel, stainless steel, and the like.

But when you work with us, we can absolutely give you the guarantee that we’ll be able to help you because we work on a wide range of metals, steels, and alloys. You will never have that type of fear when you choose us to procure and produce the aerospace materials and components you need!

We’re a Trusted Brand

Across the entire region, not just in the state, when you ask about Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, they’ll tell you that we’re the brand that many other companies – even international companies – that is trusted and the most depended on when it comes to the creation and the fabrication of metal parts and components; from aircraft and aerospace components, to defense, and even the medical field.

Our well-established position in the industry continues to make us the best and the most dependable company no matter how complicated the times are.

Are you going under an economic or a financial crisis? Don’t worry, we got you. We can be the company you can trust who can come up and procure the needed raw materials for our project – we can even be the one to help you in the cutting and bending procedures!

Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is an overall, complete-package company that you can count on should you need help and assistance with anything metal or steel. We’ve dedicated our lives, times, and efforts in the improvement and the development of our welding, and even fabrication engineering.

You can work with us to help you with everything from A to Z! Give us a quick call and let’s start on the aerospace material and components welding that you need!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

If you don’t see your city listed or a specific service listed, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact us by either giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. Then we’ll discover what are some of the top solutions for you, your business, and executing a solid solution.

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