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Powder Coatings

Powder coatings-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

When it comes to the finishing of your metal sheet or your metal product or part, what finish do you want? What do you think is the best type of finish? That question is actually relative – because there could be plenty of things you’ll need it for.

Are you going to need it for commercial and for architectural purposes? Would you be using it for construction and for structural? Or are you going to use it for the production of your medical equipment like MRI machines, x-rays, and the like?

Out of all the many types and kinds of coating and metal finishes, powder coating is considered and is known to be one of the most popular and the most sought. It may sound soft and delicate, but when it’s integrated into your part or component, you’ll have a change of heart.

The manufacturer and the fabrication company that the entire state of Illinois has trusted is none other than us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts when it came to the finishing and the finalization of your product or your metallic component.

Powder Coating Overview

There are a lot of things that can be powder coated – from the regular commercial items like metallic tools, hand tools, and even some machinery parts and equipment, to structural steel and construction component.

The process of powder coating is simple – dry plastic powder is loaded onto the sprayer and it’s released when pressure is applied to the device. It gives the device a smooth finish with a matte texture, freeing it from being easily rusted and corroded.

However, powder coating is not just for the sole purpose of improving its aesthetics and its physical appearance – it has a lot more than that.

One of the reasons why powder coating is famous and widely used is because of the durability that it offers fabricated products and outputs. It’s known to be a finish that is a better and a more durable form than other finishing options and procedures.

As a matter of fact, powder coating your fabrications can make it more flexible – you’ll be able to bend and tamper with it without the fear of it breaking.

Powder coating is just one of the few types of metal finishes that do not utilize solvent and other dangerous chemicals. Because of this, it is widely known to be the safest and the most environmentally friendly metal finishes ever known to man.

Though this is the case, painters and experts are also aware of the fact that they are not to inhale and to be in contact with the dry plastic powder. Hence, the reason for the requirement of wearing gloves and protective gear while performing the finishing and the operation.

When you finish a product via metal plating, buff polishing, and the like, you would need to invest money and time in drying them. Since they have solvents, they would typically dry longer than the usual and it can take a toll in the budget you have set.

With powder coating, not only will you be able to keep the environment safe, but you will also be able to save a lot of money. The components and the materials to make and to concoct the dry plastic powder are absolutely cheap and you’ll be safe from paying to dry it.

You might think of this as some sort of a regular squeezing bottle – and though it may look like one. However, powder coating procedures are finished and are accomplished by using electromagnetic charges that when sprayed, will be attached and will stick to the material or the component.

In comparison to other procedures and other metal finishes, powder coating is considered as the most effective and the most efficient because you don’t have to wait for each part to dry in order for you to go to the next part – once it’s applied, it’s only a matter of minutes before it dries and you’ll be able to lock it up in an oven or in a heating machine; and that’s not anymore required.

So if you keep on thinking about what type of finish you can do to your components or your metallic products, you should be considering powder coating because it’s not just something that can improve the overall physical appearance of your product.

Our Powder Coatings

We here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are skilled and adept enough to provide a wide range of finishes and coating to your products. However, our clients’ favorite remains to be powder coating as they have reported that it helped them in terms of the long-lasting effects that it had.

The paint remained intact longer than the usual, and they did not anymore need to exert effort in drying it. Plus the added fact that it helped their products finish with a matte texture keeping it safe from chipping, scratching, corroding, and the like.

Powder coating evidently outperforms all other coating and finishing procedures single-handedly, never did we receive any type of negative feedback or complaint about how our powder coating went. We use CNC machines in all of our services so from the accuracy of the metal fabrication process – up to the manual finishing and assembly, you’d never have to worry about the quality of our productions.

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Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is the go-to company of many companies, businesses, and manufacturers. In addition to contract manufacturing and metal fabrication, you can also count on the little and the smallest processes and procedures that we offer from the regular press brake bending, welding, and even the finishing.

Got any questions about how you’ll be able to prolong the lifespan of your product? Do you need help in keeping the color and the overall physicality of your products and your components? Dial us and we will send you a free quotation of the products, materials, and parts that you need to produce!

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