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Sheet Metal Rolling

Sheet metal rolling-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

Sheet metal is like the most basic and the simplest form of metal and steel in the manufacturing and metal fabrication industry. This is where all types and kinds of metal come from; sheet metal is made and it can be formed, braked, shaped – and it can be rolled.

Back in the older days, rolled metal is known to be the easiest type of metal or steel to fold. Because of its shape and its flexibility, rolled sheet metal is the most versatile form, making it easier for ancient and old metal workers to form, bend, and even shape it.

Here with us at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we’ll be able to help you produce the rolled metal you need in the best and the highest of qualities. You can choose whatever type of it you want to be – either hot rolled or cold rolled. If you’re unsure what their differences are, worry not – you are not alone.

There are other businesses, companies, and manufacturers that also do not know the differences and the importance of each – and that’s what we’ll help you with.

Our Sheet Metal Rolling Process

Unlike other manufacturers and metal fabrication companies, the metal rolling machines we utilize are state-of-the-art and advanced. In fact, we utilize CNC or computer numerically controlled machines in almost all of the processes we perform.

The sheet metal rolling process we do is simple, and it’s like the normal and the regular process of rolling:

  1. The workpiece is finalized and it’s fed to the rolling machines;
  2. Based on the output needed, sheet metal may be inserted multiple times; and
  3. Using our CNC sheet metal rolling machines, we’re able to perform it easily without the need to perform labor

When the sheet metal is placed between the rollers, the sheet metal is wrapped tightly against the roller. When it’s fully rolled, the product and the output would be a rolled sheet metal. Rolling is done either in high or cold temperatures – so what do you need?

Advanced Processes and Procedures

With us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, you can be given the guarantee and the complete assurance that we’ll help you in creating rolled steel using advanced and state-of-the-art processes and procedures. We rely on the heavy skill of our craftsmen, metal workers, and machinists, working hand-in-hand in terms of producing and making rolled steel.

Whether you need hot rolled steel or cold-rolled steel, you can count on us. We’ll never delay the production of the rolled steel you need – with our cutting-edge tools and technology, we will be able to go through the entire process with you.

Do You need Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled Steel?

So what type of rolled steel or metal do you need? What are the differences between hot and cold rolled steel? How can they be effective based on the project or the equipment you are looking to build? Here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we’ll be able to help you with both.

Whether you need hot rolled steel or if you’re more likely to require us cold rolled steel, we got you – and we will produce it in accordance to how you need it.

Obviously, hot rolled steel is the rolling process that is formed in high temperatures, usually above 920 degrees Celsius – this is above the regular crystallization temperature of steels. Because it’s exposed to high heat, it makes the metal easier to form which results in rolled metal that is easy and simple to work with.

Hot rolled steel is identifiable by the following traits:

  • Scaled and unsmooth surfaces
  • Malleable and flexible
  • Edges slightly rounded with some distortions
  • Slightly trapezoidal forms

In addition to that, products of hot rolled steel can be used for welding and other types of construction and structural procedures. It is ideal for projects that don’t require aesthetics and where precise and accurate shapes are not required. Some of the industries that use hot rolled steel include:

  • Railroad and railway industries
  • Structural and construction industries

On the contrary, cold-rolled steel is the type of steel that is done in colder temperatures. However, unlike the process of hot rolling steel, cold-rolled steel is cooled and it’s re-rolled in regular temperature for exact dimensions and measurements.

Cold rolled steel can easily be identified by the characteristics and traits:

  • Finished and a lot smoother surfaces
  • Have more straightness and uniformity
  • Oftentimes oily when touched

Price and cost-wise, cold-rolled steel is more expensive and more costly than hot rolled steel. Furthermore, cold-rolled steel is substantially harder and crisper than hot rolled steel. Cold rolled steel is used by industries in the:

  • Metal furniture industry
  • Architectural design and engineering
  • Exterior and interior building designing

Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is the metal fabrication company that you can fully trust and depend on whether you need cold or hot rolled steel. We can help in the making and the creation of any type of rolled steel based on what projects and outputs you need.

We’re Not Just Expert Rolled Metal Creators

Other than our sheet metal rolling processes, we’ll be able to help you with any metal fabrication procedure that you need. From the regular cutting, bending and shaping, to welding and even the finishing of sheet metals, you will never find another company capable of providing the services we do.

Give us a quick call and we will be more than willing and committed to helping you in your project. The sheet metal rolling processes we perform here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts will be exactly what you need.

We can produce specialized rolled metal in small and medium batches – or even accommodate the mass production that you require. Dial us and get the estimate for the products you need to be done! Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is the only company you need in whatever metal project you have!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

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