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Press Brake Bending

Press Brake Bending-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

In manufacturing, there are certain processes involved that require the shaping, forming, and enhancing of certain steel or metal. In the process of forming, shaping, and bending, the press brake is the machine or the equipment heavily relied on by manufacturers and metal fabrication companies.

The process of press brake bending is to create a newer shape and form for a part of a component – which is usually a steel or a metal sheet. Back when there were no machines, our ancient metal workers utilized many different ways in bending and in forming steel – but now, we just have two (2) options: a manual press brake or a CNC press brake.

If you want the best, the most accurate and precise, and the highest quality of bending and shaping, you can count on us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. We are the state’s go-to manufacturer when it comes to the fabrication of steel and metal – as well as the production of some parts and components.

What Happens With Press Brake Bending

So you might be thinking hard about this question, and we’re here to walk you through it. What does happen with press braking? What’s involved in the process and what would the final result be? The process is simple and it actually goes like this:

In the process, a piece of sheet metal (workpiece) is placed resting on a die. Depending on the shape you want it to form would be how the die would look like. Then, a punch would be applying the force to the workpiece, then the metal sheet would be taking the shape of the die.

For instance, to create a channel, there will be two thin dies that are apart from one another and there’ll be pressure forcing on the dies. When the punch pushes through the workpiece, the middle part would be deepened, keeping the form of the edge, forming the channel.

Our Press Brake Bending Procedures

Akin to how other manufacturers and metal fabrication companies do and perform it, our press brake bending procedures would first start in the determination of the shape you want your workpiece to be. We can accommodate many different forms and components including I-Beams, H-Beams, V-shapes, and the like.

Here with us at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we utilize advanced and specialized CNC press brakes that are all automatic. This promotes the safety and security of the work because laborers would not be required to go near the machines.

The process of our CNC press brake bending procedure is as follows:

  • Pre-programming of how the bend will be
  • The program or software will be sent and input in the machine
  • Setting the desired actions and steps from the controller

Whatever type of shape or form you need, once our press brake machines were able to capture it, the form is going to be uniform and constant – you’ll never have a problem with the consistency because it’s going to be 99.9%.

Advantages of Working With Us

Not all companies utilize CNC press brakes and not all of them employ the number of professionals and experts like we do here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. The main advantages of working with us when you need help with press brake bending include:

When you work with us and you need to form and shape metal sheets, the price that you can get for it would be substantially cheaper and more reasonable. Because of the fact that we employ fewer people and laborers when it comes to press braking, our costs decrease too!

That will then reflect on the price you’d have to settle!

With our CNC press brakes, we’ll be able to multi-task. Unlike manual press braking machines which would restrict you when it comes to jumping from one task to another, CNC press braking machines can help you especially if you need to produce outputs and materials fast.

With the power of the CNC machines, operators can work on multiple things at once using different press braking machines!

One thing that CNC press brakes can offer you is that the majority of the designs that they can handle includes both 2D and 3D – allowing you to produce new, later, and more modern designs and engineering.

Working with us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts is so good that we have the best fabrication engineers, designers, and even the most experienced operators to help out with the process.

Since CNC machines are pre-programmed, they will operate continuously without actually the need to stop. More often than not, in our metal fabrication processes, we bank on our CNC press brakes in the shaping and the forming of most of our clients – and in whatever industry they’re in.

Even if it’s an advanced machine, the CNC press brakes that we have are easy to operate. In fact, even our newer machinists and manufacturing workers would be able to toggle and operate on them. The actual work when it comes to CNC machining lies in the programming of the design and the engineering of the design and the product.

Those are just some of the advantages and benefits that our press brake bending procedures can get you – there are a lot more.

If you wish to work with a metal fabrication company that you can work and blend well with, you can count on us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. Our company has been deemed and labeled as the best and the most dependable company in the state when it comes to the production and the manufacturing of everything from the regular and raw materials, parts, and components, and even industry-specific equipment, products, and outputs.

Get your metal sheets and other components shapes and formed in the best ways possible! Contact us now and get the estimate that you need and let’s start with the production of whatever you need! We can work with all types of businesses and in whatever industry – give us a quick nudge!

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