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Press Brake Machine

Press Brake Machine-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

For the creation and the production of all your needed parts and components, what do you think is the most important? Is it the cutting machine to get you the desired size and cut for your material? Is it the press brake machine? What do you think is the relevant machine that completes the metal fabrication process?

What do you think is the most important thing that you need that without it, your plans for fabricating equipment and other types of products, parts, and components wouldn’t be complete? Many businesses and manufacturers argue that it’s the press brake machine that has the most votes – and why do you think so?

Here with us at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, though all of our machines and equipment are already computer numerically-controlled or CNC, we’re still knowledgeable in terms of how all our machines are operated manually – as a form of back up, say when the computer or the software malfunctions.

What the Most Relevant is For Us

Based on popular demand and based on our experience, the metal fabrication process would not be called as it is without the press brake machine. The press brake machine, for starters and for the sake of everyone, is the machine that’s responsible for the shaping and the forming of metal sheets and components.

A press brake machine consists of a punch and die – the “punch” is where the force is and it’s what will force the workpiece, while the “die” is what holds the workpiece in place. Both of which are relevant to one another that without one, they’ll not be able to function.

Why Press Brake Machines Are Important

Modern manufacturing as well as steel and metal fabrication is the only needed proof you have why the press brake machine is considered as the one thing that a manufacturer cannot have. As we’ve mentioned, we here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts utilize CNC press brake machines as well as other machines that we utilize in all our processes and procedures.

So why are they important? Press brake machines have been one of the most important types of machinery and equipment not just in the industry, but in the economy of the country as well.

Imagine how our ancestors bent and formed metal – they used a ball-peen hammer as they pounded the workpiece in relation to the form or shape they wanted it to have. With our modern press brake types of machinery and technology, manufacturers and metal fabrication companies like us are able to create hundreds of bends in just an hour.

In our company exactly, we’re capable of producing about 800 to 900 bends in one hour – and that’s per machine; and thanks to CNC. A manual press brake machine is able to provide and bend somewhere between 400 and 500 bends an hour – still not bad.

So can you imagine how difficult it would be without our modernized press brakes?

Manufacturers would not patronize the usage of press brakes if not for its output and production quality. As a matter of fact, going with a press brake machine to create and to produce whatever shape or form you want your metal to have will be accurate and precise.

Plus the blessing of CNC press brake machinery, whatever’s in the input in the machine will be what it’s going to produce. It can complete copies of more than 1000% of the same and uniform types, until the time you decide to change up to or modify the programming of the design or the engineering of the product.

So every day, new designs are coming in and it’s all based on the trend of how consumers and how other businesses are purchasing from you. With the press brake machines like what we have here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we can help bring you to a position where you’ll have an easier and faster time to market because of the fast-paced production and completion of the machines that we have.

We can help you adjust based on many factors including:

  • Market Trend
  • Market Demand
  • Client Requirement

With a CNC press brake, you’ll need fewer laborers and workers, gaining you an advantage when it comes to the efficiency of whatever product or output you need to produce. With fewer laborers and workers, you get more savings for your company!

A CNC press brake machine can minimize the need and the actions of your workers and your employees – and you can direct them to do other things that would require the craftsmanship that humans have versus robots and machines.

We’re the Best Metal Fabrication Company in the Industry

Other than our expertise and our adeptness in the field of press braking and in shaping metal, many of our clients also consider us as their go-to company for whenever they need assistance and support in other procedures in metal fabrication including:

  • Cutting and Slicing Procedures
  • Model and Product Designing
  • Welding
  • Press Braking and Steel Bending
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • And Many More!

As long as you need help when it comes to metal and steel – we’re the best company you can count on! You’ll never regret your decision of choosing us to work on your project!

Achieve Greatness With Our Help!

We at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are the company that you can trust who will help you achieve the greatness and the success you’ve been rooting for. Never will you experience anything wrong with what we offer – we can guarantee that we’ll help you from start to finish!

Whether you need expert and professional help in the likes of metal and steel bending, or if you need us to produce and manufacture the products that you need, we are the company you can trust!

Dial us and we will be more than happy to help you with the metal and steel products and outputs that you need! No matter how industry-specific that maybe, you can count on us!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

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