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Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Bending-Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts

When we talk about the most common processes and operations when it comes to metal fabrication and steel & metal manufacturing, what’s the first thing that you think about? Do you consider it to be the process of metal cutting? Is it the in-depth process of welding and fusing more than one part and a component of metal and steel?

Actually, sheet metal bending is considered to be the most common as it’s involved in all types of industry – have you seen a house with only sheet metals and steels wrangling around?

The Process of Sheet Metal Bending

From its term, you already know what the process is; sheet metal bending is the process of bending sheet steel and metal in order for it to take on the shape on what it’s going to be used for. The process of sheet metal bending, usually, is just deforming along one axis – for instance, creating a V-shape or a U-shape from the metal sheet.

However, complex forms and shapes can also be formed using sheet metal bending, too. As a matter of fact, you can entrust your need to bend and to form sheet metal to us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. We are the go-to company of manufacturers and other construction companies and businesses in and around the state when it comes to the production of fabricated steel and metal.

Bending Methods We Do

Being a metal fabrication company and a contract manufacturer, we are adept and overly-skilled in the creation of many different shapes and forms. Some of which include:

  • V-Bending Method
  • Air Bending Method
  • Roll Bending Method
  • Bottoming Method
  • Roll Bending Method
  • And Many More

The complexity and the comprehensiveness of the different types of sheet metal bending procedures are something we’re confident that we’re pros in. In fact, other manufacturers count on us in the creation and the forming of their own sheet metals.

They outsource it to us for they know that our procedures and our methodologies are proven and that we only provide and deliver the best and the highest qualities of products and outputs to our clientele.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Bending

So why do companies choose sheet metal bending than other types of forming and braking? What advantages does the sheet metal bending have over its counterparts?

Compare it to welding and braking, the process of bending only requires one single motion from the machine if the bend is going to be derived from one axis. It’s fast, easy, and it’s something that’s less dangerous because it involves fewer procedures and applications.

So if you thought that a press brake machine is only usable in terms of bending, shaping, and forming – think again. Most of the time, bending machines have other uses too like holding a workpiece in place, it can work as a cutter and the like.

In addition to that, you will not be limited to use these bending machines only for the purpose of bending and forming for they have a lot of different ways of how they can be used. They can pound, hold, cut, and even pulverize.

With us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we utilize modern press brakes as well as those that are CNC or computer numerically controlled. These press brakes require less time with an operator because all of the actions that they will perform will be based on the software that was pre-programmed and fed to the reading machine.

Technically, these types of machines are capable to produce high-quality products and outputs –and it will all be based on the program or the software that they’re following.

Let’s say you need the machine to be working double-time – can it still provide quality products? Absolutely! That’s the beauty of machines, they get tired but the quality of work is not compromised! However, in this type of setup, it would be most advisable to keep proper maintenance of the machine to keep its precise and accurate workflow and functionalities.

Most of the time, even in small-batch processing and in the lean manufacturing industry, the continuity and the consistency of the output are important. The good news is that CNC sheet metal bending machines we have are able to accommodate the accurate and correct measurements 99% of the time.

Nothing would be changed on how it was programmed and it will continue on until the time that the program or the software is changed or overridden. So you can expect to receive the exact same types of products, parts, and materials you need.

Sheet metal bending is perhaps one of the most undermined fabrication processes in the industry. Because of its alternatives like pressing, cutting, and welding, manufacturers slowly saw fewer needs for sheet metal bending machines.

But we here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts have retained the importance and the relevance of what sheet metal bending has.

You can count on us and our expertise if you need help in terms of:

  • Bending and forming sheet metals
  • Shaping sheet metals and other components
  • The entire metal fabrication process
  • Single-procedure fabrication procedures
  • And Others!

Out of all the different types and methods of sheet metal bending, you can definitely bank on us to help you with any of it. We never received any type of negative comment or feedback about how our services went for our clients – in fact, we received nothing but positive comments and feedback about how good the quality was and about how they’ll work with us again in the future.

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