About Us

At Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts, we firmly believe in the power of dedication, commitment, and hard work in reaching the goals and the objectives that companies and businesses have. Built from the dreams of providing a complete and comprehensive set of contract manufacturing and metal fabrication services, the birth of Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts has been one of the best and the most awaited in the industry.

Being a contract manufacturer and a metal fabrication company, we have proved to all of our clients and even our competitors what it meant to be a company whose foundations and pillars are from the skills and expertise of our professionals rather than the types of machinery and the advancements we have invested on.


Our History

The family-founded business was formed in the middle of a crisis – where companies are not able to find manufacturers and metal fabrication companies that they can trust with the products and the outputs they need for their own businesses.

Siblings in the state decided that they too will form a metal fabrication company that no one has ever encountered, providing everything that clients and businesses may need.

Similar to how other companies and manufacturers started, our company started out in the most difficult and the most requiring of times, too, having a ton of other competitors and other fabricators that are more experienced than us.

Innovation and Creativity

With a sheer amount of luck and hard work, we were able to heighten the creativity and the innovation means of our company, beating all other competitors even those with the most experience down to the rocks.

We invested in all the best things that companies need to have:

  • We invested in the best and the most responsible people;
  • We invested in deep and pure knowledge, skill, and mastery; and
  • We invested in state-of-the-art and the most advanced equipment and machineries

Despite the ever-changing market, we managed to get onboard and be comfortable with how the market constantly changed.

Your All-In-One Company

We are an all-around company capable of providing the complete and the complex services that companies and businesses need in their projects and in the production of all the needed parts, products, components, and assemblies.

Being a diversified and a versatile company, our services stretch out from the far ends of the metal fabrication foundation from the cutting and the engineering, down to the finishing and the assembly of all the fabricated products – we are your one-man team!

What Services We Can Help You With

But what services are we capable of helping you out with? What key services can we offer that other companies are not able to level with?

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication process or the creation of equipment and semi-finished materials undergoing a strenuous process is one of the things that we do best.

Because we utilize high-quality and advanced materials partnered with the best and the most skilled experts and metal workers, you would not have a single doubt about the quality of our fabricated steel and metal.

Welding Procedures

Welding Procedures

We at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts have invested in the best welders and the best welding machines out in the market. You can count on us to help you with Metal Inert Gas or MIG welding, Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding, spot welding, and many more!

Our expert welders are people that you can count on to help you with any type of welding you need – and in whatever industry you and your business are in.

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

The one thing that separates us from the rest is the process of how we finish the products, outputs, and the materials that we produce. Whether you need it to powder coated if you need it metal-plated, buff polished, sand blasted, and even metal grinding – we’re the fabricator you can trust!

Press Brake Bending

Press Brake Bending

The process of press brake bending is one of the most vital and most crucial processes in metal fabrication – and that is part of the reasons why we at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are the best at it.

We have the best materials, types of machinery, equipment, and components to help you. We utilize CNC press brake machines in all our work, keeping the accuracy, precision, and overall quality of the products we make at the highest of standards.

Steel Rolling

Steel Rolling

Need help in producing hot or cold rolled steel? We can help you! The process of steel rolling is one of the things we are masters of here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts. We can roll steel depending on your need and depending on the diameter you need them to be.

For our steel and metal rolling procedures, we use only the best and the highest quality of steel rolling machines.

Clean and Organized Offices

We operate in a 50,000 square feet facility that is daily cleaned, maintained, and organized. We at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts are a company that believes that the cleanliness and the orderliness of a company’s workspace reflect the quality of their work.

Pay a visit and a tour of our office and be amazed at how neat and organized we are. When you see it, you will love and be excited to work with us.

Work With Us For the Best Results!

Need help in the production, manufacturing, and overall fabrication of all your needed products, parts, components, and equipment? Work with us here at Illinois Contract Manufacturing Experts and experience world-class quality services at the best and the most reasonable rates and prices.

Whatever industry you might be in – whether you are in the commercial, retail, manufacturing, and in the automotive or the aerospace industry, you can count on us and our specificity in the products and the outputs we provide.

Join our clients and become one of the business owners that receive ready-to-use fabricated materials and components! Free yourself from the stress and the worries that you get when you work with regular manufacturers and metal fabrication companies! Call us now and get your estimate!


We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed above, and much more in every city throughout Illinois.

If you don’t see your city listed or a specific service listed, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact us by either giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. Then we’ll discover what are some of the top solutions for you, your business, and executing a solid solution.

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